BwanaDik 3.0.4

Yet another pointless IP address application. What is BwanaDik?

BwanaDik is an IP address (WAN and LAN) menu item. Yes, another IP address app. Just what the world needs. Why is BwanaDik?

You may be asking yourself "why the heck does the world need another IP address application?" Well, it doesn't. But I did. I looked all over

for an IP address app that met my needs, and never found one. So I

wrote my own. Here's what I wanted in an IP app: • Small, simple, and resides in the menu bar

• Monitors my network for a good connection. If the connection is lost,

let me know with an alert the second it comes back online.

• Quickly copy my WAN and LAN IP address to the menu bar. The second point is the most important, which is really

why I wrote this thing. See, I work at a coffee shop that has a really

crappy DSL line, and an even crappier Airport Base Station. The

connection comes and goes every 5 minutes. And there is nothing more

frustrating than opening up Safari and typing in a search in the google

bar only to be slapped with an alert sheet saying the site cannot be

found. Then I have to sit around watching my Network control panel to

see when I'm back online again, because a lot of times the info I need

on the web is for work. Now, with BwanaDik, I can look at the menu bar and know

right away if I can access the internet or not. Even better, when my

network is back online, BwanaDik lets me know right away with an alert

window. So now I can keep typing code and when the network is ready, I

can go do my searches and whatnot. So, yes, there are a lot of IP address apps out there.

I'm sure they are all great. But this one does exactly what I want it

to. It probably doesn't do what you want, but that's OK with me. No more

features will be added to BwanaDik anyway. How do I use it?

Start the app by double clicking on the icon. That's about it. The icon

in the menu bar will tell you your online state by color: • Green: you are connected to the internet

• Blue: you are connected to the internet, but the server that gives the external (WAN) IP address is busy

• Red: internet connection is not available

• Gray: internet connection not available, reason unknown.

• Yellow: BwanaDik is checking the settings and getting your external (WAN) IP address.

There are a few options in the Preferences panel, like

whether or not you want to be notified when you are online and such. To

copy your IP address (WAN or LAN), just select the item from the menu

and the address will be copied to the clipboard. Changes:

Version 3.0.4: Minor performance tweaks. Bwanadik no longer uses CPU cycles when auto-updating is off.

Version 3.0.3: French translation fixes (thanks Jonas Wale). Option to

check for external IP (WAN) more often when disconnected (check for

internet connection every 5 seconds when network is down).

Version 3.0.2: Fixed issue with BwanaDik crashing when using french localization.

Version 3.0.1: MAJOR code overhaul and bug fixes. Option

to choose WAN IP service. All network interface addresses submenu added.

Now works with OS X 10.3.

Version 2.6: Bug fixes to text of alert windows and emails. French localization by Ronald Leroux.

Version 2.5: BwanaDik can now email alerts when LAN or WAN address changes, or when network is available. How much does it cost?

Free, but you can donate some cash if you wish. Click on "Send Donation" from the about box to go to my PayPal account. Please donate, I have ungrateful cats to feed. Usage:

BwanaDik is 159% Freeware. BwanaDik may be freely distributed, as long

as no fees are collected for it. You do not have to contact StimpSoft™

or the author for permission to distribute this application. Actually, I

would prefer it if you just left me alone. Really.