John M. Schilling

At the personal website of John M. Schilling, Mac users were in for a different type of experience. Schilling was a self professed Mac and cat lover, who was most famous for his selection of cool, but “entirely useless apps” (his words). He was also an avid snake keeper as well as a sometimes friend to two people (also his words). While Schilling’s thoughts could sometimes be a bit random, users had taken great joy in some of his applications, specifically designed for the Mac, over the years. Among these (in)famous creations were apps such as the following:

Smell-O-Mints: A periodic table of the elements for your Macintosh, this freeware was not exactly in-depth, but it was particularly appealing for science related majors, and it spruced up one’s computer with a bit of color and a bit of knowledge.

LunaSaver: The LunaSaver application was a screensaver that showed the moon in its current cycle. It also offered a number of facts about earth’s biggest satellite that one may or may not have been aware of. Regardless, it looked cool, and it kept stagnant images from burning in to the monitor.

Mac-O-Lantern: This application was pretty self explanatory, and a great addition for those, who share Schilling’s love for the 31st of October—a flash animated jack-o-lantern for the desktop!

There were 18 more in all, with each serving a different function than the last. If you were looking for something different and unique to add personality to one’s Mac, was the place to start. There was even a section on herpetology (if you share Schilling’s love for snakes), and the funnily self deprecating “My Dumb Blog.” The mind of a Mac user has always been considered heavily creative. Schilling took that creativity, and the creative mind’s apparent randomness, to the next level, while also offering something of true value to Mac users.

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