Mac-O-Lantern 1.3.1

(formerly Jack-O-Mac) Mac-O-Lantern is dedicated to the loving memory of Stimpson J. Cat, the greatest cat on earth and the best friend I ever had. Stimpy, you are dearly missed. WARNING: This application WILL HOG YOUR CPU. It's animated, for God's sake. What is Mac-O-Lantern?

Mac-O-Lantern (formerly Jack-O-Mac) is an animated (or not animated) Halloween Jack-O-Lantern for your desktop. Why is Mac-O-Lantern?

Because Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year by far. This is the

application I spend most of my time and energy working on year after

year, believe it or not. I consider it my "flagship" app. I'm releasing

this app early because I don't know if my website will be up next

October. I missed halloween last year (2004) beccause my .Mac iDisk

account expired. How do I use it?

Double click to launch. Options include animated or non-animated (animated will suck down your CPU), candle or no candle, large or small pumpkin,

animated dock icon, etc. NOTE: The flicker rate and animating the dock

icon will affect how much CPU power Mac-O-Lantern uses. How do I add/create custom faces?

Please read the "Adding and Creating Custom Faces" document included with Mac-O-Lantern for detailed instructions. How much does it cost?

Free, of course. Happy Halloween, Mac freaks. Changes:

Version 1.3.1:

• The preferences window can now be opened when using Mac OS X 10.3

Version 1.3:

• Minor interface enhancements and performance tweaks (CPU usage dramatically reduced when animating the dock icon).

Version 1.2:

• Universal binary.

Version 1.1:

• Option to display days remaining until Halloween on dock icon added.

Version 1.0 (complete rewrite from Jack-O-Mac):

• Changed the name. I never liked Jack-O-Mac.

• Customizable faces, finally.

• Better looking pumpkin (I took a photograph of a real pumpkin).

• No longer a menu item (background application). I'm past my "Menu Items Only" phase now.

• Black pumpkin option to show off the candle light coming through the carved face. System Requirements:

Mac OS X 10.3 or higher Usage:

Mac-O-Lantern is 159% Freeware. Mac-O-Lantern may be freely distributed,

as long as no fees are collected for it. You do not have to contact

StimpSoft™ or the author for permission to distribute this application.

Actually, I would prefer it if you just left me alone. Really. Disclaimer: StimpSoft™ and its "employees" are NOT

responsible for any damage, loss, tooth-decay, sexual dysfunction,

warts, plague of locusts or cat infestation that may occur from using

this application.