Heart Monitor 1.3 What is Heart Monitor?

Heart Monitor is a bare-bones CPU monitor menu extra that displays a

beating heart. As the CPU load increases, the heart beats faster. You

can set Heart Monitor to track the User, System, Idle or Nice load. It

does not do much else. Uptime, processor info and other tidbits are not

displayed. You can set the window level (desktop, normal or floating),

and optionally display a small window showing all CPU load averages. There are many CPU monitors out there that give you plenty of CPU information. This is not one of those applications. How do I use Heart Monitor?

Simply double click to launch. A heart will appear on your desktop, and a

new menu item will appear in your menubar, displaying a percentage.

This is the CPU load average for whichever load you wish to track (User,

System, Idle or Nice). Use this menu to set the preferences of the

Heart Monitor. How do I quit Heart Monitor?

Simply click on the menu that is displaying the CPU load, and choose "Quit Heart Monitor". Why doesn't Heart Monitor show the things I want to see?

Because I'm not you. And it's free. And the source code is available. Changes:

Version 1.3: Universal binary version.

Version 1.1: Fixed bug causing crash on OS X 10.2.x. Various GUI

enhancements. The window shadow can now be turned off and on at your

will. An optional menu icon of a beating heart has been added. Disclaimer:

I make no guarantees about this application. It may destroy you, your

computer, your friends computer, your cat, your credit rating, etc. I am

in no way responsible for anything tragic happening to you or your

computer. Use Heart Monitor at your own risk. Heart Monitor is 159% freeware. You may redistribute the application

as you see fit, without notification to myself, as long as no fee is