BinClocken 1.6 What is BinClocken?

A useless floating binary LED clock for your desktop. How do I use BinClocken?

Simply double click to launch. You can change the LED color (blue, red,

green), window style (metal, wood, black, transparent) and window level

from the "Clock" menu item. Here's how to read the time with BinClocken:

Version 1.6: Universal binary version.

Version 1.5.1: Fixed a memory leak when the dock icon displays the time (thanks to Stuart Tannehill). Silly

me, forgot the "autorelease" messages. Note: you may need to empty your

web browser's cache in order to correctly download the new disk image.

Version 1.5: A whole pile of new colors and mixes have been added. Probably the last update, as there isn't really anything left to do now. Why did you write this? What's wrong with you?

I was given a ThinkGeek

binary clock by a friend (in a not-so-transparent attempt to force me

to learn binary math). It sucks. It runs fast, very fast, gaining about 5

minutes per day, making it totally useless. So this is my revenge on

the world. Plus, I was drunk when I wrote it. Disclaimer:

I make no guarantees about this application. It may destroy you, your

computer, your friends computer, your cat, your credit rating, etc. I am

in no way responsible for anything tragic happening to you or your

computer. Use BinClocken at your own risk. BinClocken is 159% freeware. You may redistribute the

application as you see fit, without notification to myself, as long as

no fee is collected.