Stimpson J. Cat Memorial Webpage

In memory of Stimpson J. Cat, the greatest friend I ever had. Click Here For The Stimpson J. Cat Memorial Photo Gallery June 1st, 1990(est) – September 29th, 2003 On September 29th, 2003, my best friend Stimpson J. Cat passed away due to kidney failure and diabetes complications. Stimpson was, to say the least, my life. I’ve had many, many cats over the years, but every once in a while, a cat comes along that is just different. I have never met, nor probably never will meet, a cat that was as smart, loving, mellow, and just plain fun to be around as Stimpson was. He was more of a sidekick, or a brother even, to me than a pet. He was the closet thing I may ever have had to a son.

People who know me personally could not even picture me without him by my side. I named almost everything in my life after him, including my short-lived software company, StimpSoft (of which he was declared “President”). You could find many references to Stimpy around my work on the internet, such as his head being super-imposed over mine in various photos. He was also the source of many of the sounds in the infamous Cat-in-the-dock application I wrote for Mac OS X a few years back. I found Stimpson at the animal shelter in Lansing, Michigan in 1992. He was an adult, approximately 2 years old. I was determined to rescue an adult cat from the pound, as I knew they stood little chance of survival when everyone wants kittens. He was scheduled to be destroyed that afternoon. I cannot even fathom the odds of me showing up at just the right time to find him. The thought of such a fantastic, amazing cat coming so close to being lost forever before I had the chance to know him is frightening. His original name was Rusty, the tag said. It’s weird to think of him being named Rusty. I immediately named him Stimpson J. Cat, after the old Ren and Stimpy cartoon character of the same name, a red cat with no tail, like him. I have no idea what happened to his tail. It will always be a mystery to me. Click here for the infamous Stimpson J Cat B.B. story… I immediately realized that Stimpson was a different kind of cat. He was exceptionally smart, like a dog, and very mellow. He loved people, but wasn’t needy and overly friendly. He was very well behaved, but he did seem to enjoy trying to get me riled up from time to time. He had many fun quirks, like loving to be picked up by what was left of his tail (no kidding), or letting me play the Cat-a-phone with him (bouncing him up and down on his side while he purrs, making a funny musical “purt-purt-purt” beat). Every day when I would come home, he would be waiting in the window. When he would see me coming up the sidewalk, he would run to the door to greet me. And every single time I would get out of the shower, there he was, waiting for me on the toilet seat.

Everyone I knew loved him, and many mentioned that they had never met a cooler cat in their lives. I certainly know I hadn’t, and never will. All good things must end. I’m sorry he couldn’t have lived longer, but some things just aren’t meant to be. I am grateful I had found him, and was allowed to be with him over last 11+ years. My life will never be the same without you, Stimpson. I miss you more than you will ever know. -John Schilling