More road cruisin’ fun

Made a couple of road trips these last two weeks. On the first trip I finally found my own long-nose (didn’t see much else though). On the second trip (last night), I found another long-nose (not as uncommon as I thought), a bunch of DOR gopher snakes (and one live), a DOR cal king, a baby rattler and a BIG rattler (alive). Jerry and I also ran into Sam, another herper, out on the road.

We pulled over to talk for a few, and then as we drove off, Sam found a baby cal king about 10 feet behind Jerry’s truck. A good night all in all.

My second long-nose snake.

Sam’s baby Cal King.

A big Northern Pacific rattlesnake found on the side of the road.

Oh yea, I also got my first rubber boa. I didn’t find it, however, it was given to me by a friend who breeds them. Still nice to have it, though.

They are amazing snakes.

A rubbery boa.