Jerry has a long nose

No, his nose ain’t big.

Went road cruisin’ with Jerry last night, found some great stuff. A couple of NorPacs, my first nightsnake, and a lifer for both of us, a long-nose snake. Very common down south, VERY rare up here. Also saw some DOR’s, including a nearly 5′ long gopher (very, very sad). Still, a great night. Jerry was really excited to find the long-nose, as was I. Now I need to find my own. Although that will be tough, this may be the only one either of us ever see up here.

Rheinocheilus lecontei lecontei, a long-nosed snake.

My first nightsnake!

A nice big Northern Pacific rattlesnake. The second one we found was too grumpy to have his photo taken.

We also found a green praying mantis. According to Jerry, green ones are kinda rare. All the others we saw last night were yellow.