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Gray-Banded Kingsnakes and Western Hognose snakes. Please take a look

around to see what I breed, what I have for sale, or for information

regarding Gray-Banded kings and Western Hognose snakes.

What’s new at Schilling Herpetoculture…

12.28.2004: Wow. Been a while since

I updated this site. I still don’t have anything for sale yet. I should

be able to breed a few of my GBK’s this spring though, specifically the

Juno Road Pair. I also have quite a few more snakes added to the collection, including a very nice pair of Verbina Rosies from Jeff Teel. I’ll try to get some pics up soon.

5.15.2003: I decided not to cool my snakes last winter. I’m waiting for them to get a little larger. Next year for sure!

10.6.2003:I’m going to be cooling my Juno Roads soon. I’ve never bred snakes before, so wish me luck!

7.23.2003: Just got a great River Road alterna from Tim Gebhard. I should be able to start breeding River Roads next summer.

6.30.2003: I’m looking to buy a River Road locality alterna to match up with my female. CB 2000-2003 preferred. Please email me with pictures if you have such a snake.

6.29.2003: The “new” website is now up. Personally, I like this name and look much better than Alterna.org.

6.25.2003: I have received two new Juno Rd. blairs from Tim Gebhard. These should be ready to breed in 2004. They are some of the best looking blairs I have ever seen. Seriously.

Triumph, non-locality aberrant GBK.