Fjork 1.1

What is Fjork?

It be what it is. If you have to ask what any of my software is “about”, you have overestimated my intelligence. Ok, what this app *really* does is play semi-disturbing sounds on a

remote Macintosh via an invisible client and admin application. How do I use Fjork?

Install the client on any Macintosh with Mac OS X 10.3.x and a network

connection (Internet or LAN). Launch the client on that computer. It

runs in the background, so it may look like nothing has happened when

you launch it. For best results, add the Fjork Client to the login items

of the user. Now, go to your computer, and launch the admin. You will

be presented with a list of Fjork Clients that you can connect to.

Choose one, and then press “Connect”. Or, press “Other…” and type in

the IP address of the Mac you have installed the client on. Now, choose

which sound you wish to play from the popup menu, and press “Fjork”. You

can kill the client on the remote Mac if it appears your life may be

threatened by pressing the “Kill Client” button. Notes:

If you want to use Fjork from behind a firewall over TCP/IP, open port

7549. You can change the port number on both the client and admin by

opening up the terminal application and typing in the following lines: defaults write com.stimpsoft. fjorkclient portNumber -integer [new port number];

defaults write com.stimpsoft.fjorkadmin portNumber -integer [new port number]; Where it says [new port number], replace with the port number you

wish to use. Remember, OS X will not allow applications to use port

numbers below 1000. Disclaimer:

I make no guarantees about this app. It may destroy you, your computer,

your friends computer, your cat, your credit rating, etc. I am in no way

responsible for ANYTHING tragic happening to you or anyone you choose

to torture with this app. Use at your own risk. Fjork is 159% freeware. You may redistribute the application as you

see fit, without notification to myself, as long as no fee is collected.