First baby gray banded kings (ever)

Well, I can finally call myself a snake breeder now. The first gray-banded king of mine came out of it’s egg last night, and two more have their heads out (with a fourth piping). HOOOO-RAY!

Here we see the first alterna is out, with two on the way and a third piping.

The first one out. This one I’m gonna keep, as he is also the first snake I’ve ever hatched out. Nice looking, too. Can’t wait until it’s first shed to see how bright it’s gonna be.

I’m undecided at this point as to whether or not to go to work tonight and check the eggs again, or wait until tomorrow (the eggs are being incubated at work).

The two in the photo with their heads out should be ready to go in a few hours, and maybe even the one that is piping.

Update 10/5 6:00pm

Went back to work, a second snake was out of the egg. Two more with their heads out, and four eggs with no action at all.

Lampropeltis alterna number two.

Update 10/6 11:00am

Three more snakes are out, all stunningly beautiful. Three more eggs to go. Two are opening now, the last is still closed.

Lampropeltis alterna number three.

Lampropeltis alterna number four. This one is very nice looking.

Lampropeltis alterna number five.