EarthquakeX 1.1

What is EarthquakeX?

EarthquakeX is a port of an old prank/joke control panel for System 7

called Earthquake. When installed, your Macintosh will experience random

earthquakes. This version is a bit different from the old one, but the

principal is still the same. The old version, being a control panel,

allowed you to set the quake frequency, duration and richter level. This

version acts more like an extension; user control over the quaking is

not allowed (read tip below, however). How do I use EarthquakeX?

Ideally, you should install this on the computer of someone who is

smaller and weaker than you. Then simply double click the EarthquakeX

icon. It’s a faceless background app, so it will look as if nothing has

happened. After a few seconds, your Mac should experience a tremor. If

you wish to quit EarthquakeX, simply open up a Terminal window and type: killall QUIT “Earthquake” If that doesn’t work, simply choose “Log Out” from the Apple menu, then log back in. Changes: Version 1.1: Works with OS X 10.4 (Tiger), universal binary. Tip:

You can change the frequency of the tremors, if you know how to use the

Terminal. On the Mac where EarthquakeX is installed (make sure it isn’t

running!), open a terminal and type in: defaults write com.stimpsoft.earthquakex quakechance -integer [%percent]; Where it says [%percent],

put the percent with which a quake can happen. There is a chance for a

quake every ten seconds. So for example, if you typed in “defaults write

com.stimpsoft.earthquakex quakechance -integer 50;”, there will be a

50% chance of a quake every 10 seconds. The default chance for a quake

is 30%. NOTE:

Earthquake was originally created by Marco Carra of SlimyFrog Software in 1994. Disclaimer:

I make no guarantees about this app. It may destroy you, your computer,

your friends computer, your cat, your credit rating, etc. I am in no way

responsible for ANYTHING tragic happening to you or anyone you choose

to torture with this app. Use at your own risk. EarthquakeX is 159% freeware. You may redistribute the

application as you see fit, without notification to myself, as long as

no fee is collected.