Cosmic Debris

Among the Mac applications created by John Schilling and deemed ‘useless’ by the author himself, is Cosmic Debris. This is a menu item for monitoring aurora events.

While staying close at hand in the user’s menu bar, Cosmic Debris monitors two internet data sources for the probability of Northern Lights appearing.

Available for PPC/Intel, Mac OS X 10.4 and later for Mac OS X 10.5, this little application hasn’t changed much over time. The menu icon shows the possibility of an aurora occurring using variations of color. In case the green color shows, it means there is a low probability; yellow determines medium chances, while red is for high probability (and active for PCAF). Gray shows up if the status is unknown.

Cosmic Debris options also include a pop-up window, auto updating and email or sound alerts in the case of chances increasing as to the Northern Lights appearing.