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I luvs Halloween

My favorite holiday by far is Halloween. Just thought I’d make that clear.

Here’s the jack-o-lantern for this year.

The babies haven’t eaten yet. Mice, hamsters, lizard scented mice, lizard scented hamsters, I tried them all. I force fed them some mouse tails just to keep them going the other day. Will try lizards next, if I can find enough small ones.

A new season starts…

Summer’s over, and that means no more snakes for a while. But while one season ends, another begins. With the first full rain of fall today, I found an arboreal salamander in my front yard. That’s the great thing about salamander season – I don’t have to travel very far to find critters.

First Aneides lugubris of the salamander season.

Vertigo madness

A few years back I developed a bad case of tinnitus in my left ear (a high pitched squeal not unlike a smoke detector).

After a few months of the very maddening sound, I started to experience slight vertigo, until one day I could hardly stand up. After a few days both the vertigo and the tinnitus disappeared, leaving me with partial hearing loss in my left ear. Now, after over a year of peace, the vertigo has come back with a vengeance (but no tinnitus this time, thankfully). I’ve been told by my relatives that this runs in the family, and as far as they know there is no medication available to help me regain my sense of balance. If anyone has any ideas to share, please let me know. I’ve now missed two days of work, which I cannot afford, and I’m also finding it very difficult to care for my reptiles in this state. Arg.

Hibernation time

Sorry for the lack of updates. All the animals are “down” for the winter in hibernation. Haven’t had much time to go looking for salamanders, either, as all my coworkers are taking time off for the holidays, leaving me behind. But soon I’m going to head out and see if I can find a rubber boa (again) or a Pacific Giant salamander. Updates on my progress as it, uh, progresses.

By the way, none of the baby alterna have eaten on their own, so they too are being cooled down for the winter. Hopefully when I pull them out this spring they will take to pinky mice.