Can Apps Be Truly Useless?

Everyone has heard of apps or applications as they are officially called. They are little software programs that make a huge difference to the user by allowing them to see or do something while using very limited computer skills. All apps that have ever been made were developed with the aim of being user friendly and enhancing the ability of the user to play and discover what computers can really do. Apps are now available for mobile phone, iPads, computers, notebooks and so on. Of course, some of these apps are more useful than others and here we turn back to the words of Schilling on The thing is that the usefulness of the apps is completely and totally relative to the one using it. And on this page you can read more about this.

Some apps have been designed to help people with their daily tasks. For instance, some apps come in the form of calendars and can help individuals to better organize their time. Others have meant to calculate stuff or to automatically remind people about their scheduled activities. The examples could very well carry on. But on the other hand, some applications have been created to be simply fun. And this is the type of apps that Schilling was actually talking about when saying ‘useless apps’.

In fact the apps created for Mac were not useless at all and they were fun. With the Xmas tree app one could decorate their computers for the winter holidays and with the MoonSaver they could closely follow the position of the moon each day. But these apps have a purpose and that is to entertain and to remind people not to take everything too seriously.