AAPLStockDock 2.3

What is AAPLStockDock?

AAPLStockDock is a pretty lame stock ticker for one company only: Apple Computer (stock symbol AAPL).

It grabs the latest AAPL stock quote and displays it in the dock, and

in a floating window if you choose. I really have no idea why I wrote

this app in the first place, I’m practically a commie. Why I rewrote it is anyones guess. How do I use it?

Just double click the AAPLStockDock application to start. Then

AAPLStockDock will download the latest AAPL stock quote and display it

in the dock, and in the floating window, if you have it open. There are

quite a few options to choose from, including having AAPLStockDock

automatically update at specific time intervals, having the dock icon

display only the price and change, playing sound on price changes, and


The apple is color coded to reflect changes to the stock value. When the

stock value is going up, the apple is green. When the stock value is

going down, the apple is red. If the stock value has not changed, the

apple is blue. If the stock value is unknown (first download, etc), the

apple will be yellow. When AAPLStockDock is downloading the latest

quote, a little clock will appear in the upper left. If an error occurs

while downloading, a small error sign will appear in the upper right

corner, and the error will be displayed as a tooltip over the window. Also, Edit->Copy from the menu bar will copy detailed quote information to the clipboard. What do all the numbers mean?

First line: the current stock trading price.

Second line: the latest stock price change, up or down or no change.

Third line: the current trading volume of stock.

Fourth and fifth lines are the date and time of the quote. How much does it cost?

Free, of course. You can donate some cash if you wish, but I’ll just pass it on to the ACLU out of spite. Changes:

Version 2.3: Universal binary version.

Version 2.2:

• A new anti-alias method for the AAPL Window has been added. If you

like the old drawing method, you can turn off this new anti-aliasing

method in the Preferences.

• The sounds for raised/lowered can be customized with built-in system sounds.

• The transparency of the apple background (not text) can be changed.

• The application can be set never be hidden.

Version 2.1:

• Added much needed dock menu to application.

• The stock price fits much more nicely when the value is above $100.00 (5 digits).

• The dock icon can be set to bounce when the stock value changes direction (lowered or raised from opening value).

• Sounds for raised/lowered are only played when the price changes direction, (lowered or raised from opening value).

• Losing the internet connection or putting your Mac to sleep will no longer hose AAPLStockDock.

• If an error occurs while downloading, a small error sign will appear

on the icon, rather than displaying a gray apple and erasing all of the

stock information.

• Added localization for everything. Go to town, localizers.

Version 2.0.1: The apple doesn’t change to yellow every time it downloads anymore. That was annoying.

Version 2.0: Rewritten in Cocoa. Added super happy fun time AAPL window option. System Requirements:

Mac OS X 10.4 or higher, internet connection, capitalistic agenda. Usage:

AAPLStockDock is 159% Freeware. AAPLStockDock may be freely distributed,

as long as no fees are collected for it. You do not have to contact StimpSoft™ or the author for permission to distribute this application. Actually, I would prefer it if you just left me alone. Really.


StimpSoft™ and its “employees” are NOT responsible for any damage, loss, tooth-decay, sexual dysfunction, warts, plague of locusts or cat infestation that may occur from using this application.